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Health Home Partners of Western New York Align for Successful Care Management Results Show 181% Increase in Primary Care Utilization and 32% Decrease in ED Usage

Health Home Partners of Western New York (HHPWNY), located in Buffalo, is a Medicaid Health Home partnership that brings together a wide range of care services across the region to deliver comprehensive medical, behavioral, and social service care to the population.

An early adopter of Medecision’s Aerial® Health Coordinator population health management platform and long-standing client, HHPWNY has been an innovator in implementing value-based care programs.


The partners—Catholic Health, Evergreen Health Services, and Spectrum Human Services—collaborate to deliver care to the community’s most needy and high-risk patients, with each partner offering leadership in a specialty expertise, including behavioral health, youth disorders, and HIV and AIDS programs in addition to medical. Each partner has a stake and a voice, bringing diversity and a range of experience to the partnership. This is what gives HHPWNY its strength—an alignment of purpose under a single umbrella while each partner retains its identity in the community.


This alliance shows the power of successful care management: different organizations working together and transforming the model of care, with measurable results.

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